Empowering Children Worldwide: “Beauty With A Birthmark” Mother & Daughter Co-Authors share empowering story & distributed over 12,000 books to South Africa

[PHOENIX, AZ] In a heartwarming endeavor to foster inclusivity and celebrate diversity, mother—daughter duo Erica Maxwell and her daughter, Jessica A. Alexander, co-authors of the children’s book “Beauty With A Birthmark”, embarked on a transformative literacy mission trip to South Africa this past October.

Released in March 2022, “Beauty With A Birthmark” is a poignant children’s book that stars Jessica as the main character, sharing her journey with Nevus of Ota and highlighting several types of skin marks, such as Mongolian spots, Port Wine Stains, freckles and moles. The book has quickly gained recognition for its empowering narrative and commitment to promoting self-acceptance. 

The duo’s mission trip was part of the Amaro Literacy Mission Trip, led by the inspiring Jessica Amaro. The team comprising of twenty-five passionate individuals form across the United States, focused on bringing the joy of reading to students in South Africa. The group visited a primary school, a high school, and an orphanage in the vibrant community of Soweto.

During their visit, Erica and Jessica had the incredible opportunity to read “Beauty With A Birthmark” to enthusiastic students at the primary school and orphanage. The story resonated deeply, fostering conversations about embracing differences and building a culture of acceptance among the young readers.

In addition to sharing their empowering story, the team distributed over 12,000 books, essential supplies, including pens, notebooks, colored pencils, and other educational materials. The goal was not only to inspire a love for reading but also to provide resources that contribute to the students’ educational journey.

Reflecting on the experience, Erica expressed,

“Our trip to South Africa was a humbling and enriching experience. We witnessed first-hand the transformative power of storytelling and the positive impact it can have on young minds. It is our hope that “Beauty With A Birthmark” continues to be a source of inspiration for children worldwide, encouraging them to embrace their uniqueness and celebrate diversity.”

The Amaro Literacy Group exemplifies the belief that literacy is a powerful tool for positive change, transcending geographical boundaries and bringing people together through the universal language of storytelling.

Books are available at Barnes and Noble Chandler Mall or through Amazon and Barnes and Noble. Erica and Jessica are available for book signings, author visits, speaking engagements, and other events.



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  1. Stephen A. Carson

    This book is truly a legacy and I gifted my beautiful daughters Stephanye, Keasha “Marie”, Micsha and Hannah with wonderful story.
    Much love and one love,
    💪🏾🖤 Dad

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