Exclusive Interview: Actor Christian Keyes, He’s so much More Than a "Pretty Boy"

Photo courtesy of: Christian Keyes.com
Photo courtesy of: ChristianKeyes.com
Christian Keyes is so much more than just a “Pretty Boy.”   Make no mistake, being FINE certainly helps in the business of entertainment, with that being said: The actor, singer, model, producer, screenwriter, is a complete package and then some.   Oh and let’s not forget, former fitness trainer! 

Keyes is one hard working and driven young man.  From acting in over 40 stage productions and more than 1,200 theatrical shows, including memorable roles in “Tyler Perry’s What’s Done In The Dark” and “Madea Goes To Jail,” it’s safe to say that after 12 years of experience in the entertainment industry, the Michigan native’s hard work is paying off. 

Born in Detroit and raised in Flint, Keyes, is also an accomplished vocalist who’s performed alongside Brian McKnight, Shirley Murdock, Cheryl Pepsi Riley, Anthony Hamilton, Lyfe Jennings, Avant and David & Tamela Mann.

Currently he’s starring in the lead role as Fitness Trainer, Reggie Brooks in the stage play, “Love Will Find A Way,” which made its world television premiere exclusively on UP (formerly GMC TV) on Saturday, June 1st, and will re-air on Saturday, June 15.

The Chocolate Voice recently had a conversation with Keyes who opened up about music, and how his love for acting has taken on a life of its own.

TCV:  Good morning Christian!

Christian: How are you today?

TCV: Great, I appreciate you taking time out to talk with me.  Shall we get started?

Christian:  Let’s do!

TCV:  What inspired you to become interested in the entertainment industry?

Christian:  At first music was my first love and, I was sure that music would be my way into the entertainment industry. Clearly God had other ideas. Then 12 or 13 years ago, acting opportunities began to open up and, the more I studied, the more bookings I got. Before I knew it, my acting career took on a life of its on and now I love it.

TCV:  What type of professional training have you had in acting and singing?

Christian: I actually studied at a couple of different schools but most of my training is in musical theatre, where I studied at Ferris State University in Michigan. I have taken a bunch of acting classes plus, I read any books that I can get my hands on.  I’m still taking acting classes in fact I have a class today.

TCV:  Being labeled by Tyler Perry as “one of the most consistent male actors I’ve ever worked with.” How did you feel when you heard that?

Christian:  It was a very nice compliment. I mean, clearly that should be the goal for anyone to show up, be professional, consistent and deliver.

TCV:  Let’s talk about “Love Will Find A Way,” which airs on UPTV on Saturday, June 15th, you star as the lead character Reggie Brooks, Fitness Trainer, tell us about your character?

Christian:  Reggie manages a gym with two CRAZY friends played by Jason Weaver (“ATL” and “Drumline”) and Carl Payne (“Martin”) two extremely talented actors.  Reggie comes into a large some of money in the form of an inheritance.  Reggie doesn’t change but it’s the people around him do. The woman he’s dating who’s played by Gabrielle Dennis (“The Game”) changes and the storyline follows how people react to others having money, and how they want you to act.  It’s a really funny story!

TCV:  You work with a very accomplished cast on “Love Will Find A Way” how was that?

Christian:  Absolutely. Gabrielle Dennis, Jason Weaver, Vanessa Simmons (“Run’s House,” Dysfunctional Friends.), Carl Payne, Shanti Lowry (“The Game,” “The Closer”) and Suveria Mota (Las Pandillas de Los Angeles) were all great to work with. It went really, really well. When you get a group of talented people together with great spirits it’s impossible for it not to work.

TCV:  Who would you say in the entertainment business inspires you?

Christian:  I can’t say just one individual I take notes on a wide range of actors. Clearly, I would have to say Jeffrey Wright, Don Cheadle, Will Smith, Denzel Washington, Robert Dinero and, Anthony Hopkins. And Meryl Streep, who is extremely dope!  I just love really good acting.  So, I watch a little of everyone to try to and see how they create those honest and magical moments.

TCV:  You look like you’re in great shape. Any fitness tips you’d like offer up?

Photo courtesy of ChristianKeyes.com

Christian:  Well, I work out five days a week.  It helps with some of the types of roles I’m up for.  I stay ready so I don’t have to get ready.

TCV:  Do you have a trainer?

Christian:  I’m a certified trainer and I have been training me since college.  I used to train other people but thankfully, I’m too busy with acting so, I only have time to train me.

TCV:  Has love found it’s way in your heart?

Christian:  I have been in love before but as of right now I’m single?

TCV: What other projects do you have coming up? 

Christian:  Well, my next project, which I’m really excited about we start shooting in three weeks. It’s called “Ladies Night.” It’s a black version of “Magic Mike” meets “Takers,” which I wrote the script and the cast is shaping up really nicely.  So far it’s: myself, Lamman Rucker, Wesley Jonathan, Wendy Raquel Robinson, Vanessa Bell-Calloway, Marcus Patrick and we’ll probably cast another 5 to 6 more major roles.  It’s a great story.  I definitely think the fans are definitely going to be pleased at how we present it.  They’re going to get classy plus excitement with an urban take.  When “Magic Mike” first came out I, saw a lot of tweets from Black women especially saying that there was no Black male presence, and I was like  Umh? ‘Let me write one.’

TCV:  That’s great!  That how you get it done.  When you see that there’s a void and you take matters in your own hands.

Christian:  It’s gonna be great, I think people are really going to enjoy it.

TCV:  We’re proud of your accomplishments and, thanks again for taking the time out to talk with us, Christian!

Christian:  Thank you, and have a wonderful day!

“Love Will Find A Way, airs exclusively on UP (formerly GMC TV) on Saturday, June 15.

For updates follow Christian on Twitter @ChristianKeyes and, on Instagram ChristianKeyes


25 thoughts on “Exclusive Interview: Actor Christian Keyes, He’s so much More Than a "Pretty Boy"”

  1. Hello Christian,

    The very time I saw you in a movie I seem to have coonected with you in a major way. When I saw you in your video “I’m Alright” I really loved that video it gives me so much motivation. Thank you for being such a humble blessed individual.

  2. We loved your movie Note to Self. This movie showed so many sides; heart felt emotions, love, humor, sadness and joy WITHOUT UNNECESSARY PROFANITY. It excels generationally. Every parent would love to have a son or daughter like Curtis. Curtis was perfect boyfriend/husband material. But Christian can you and your female actresses please kiss with some tongue action. All that smacking w/o a real kiss was a little annoying. A real kiss with beauties like Letoya Luckett and Essence Atkins in your Say You Love Me movie is not going to make the movies R rated. Daytime Soaps go much further than a kiss. We love you Christian and can’t wait for Ladies Night!!!
    You are truly a GOD blessed talent.

  3. Christian Keyes is definitely the total package and then some! keep up the good work! My all your dreams continue to come true. Truly an amazing, intelligent, wonderful man. Way to go! Way to Go! Christian; Many blessing to you!

  4. Hello Mr Keyes. I dont know if you even read these comments. Just saw your movie, Note to Self with my daughter last nite. We had never seen you before or even heard of you. We both fell in love with you and your character, Curtis.I concur with one of the other responders, African Queen, that as a mother, I too would love to have someone for my daughter like Curtis and/or yourself. When I read some of your interviews, I love what you have said about your being a man, father, marriage, love, commitment ,,faithfulness, communication & the prenuptial. I think that’s great! I know you are young, but Lord I wish my daughter could meet someone like you. She is beautiful externally and internally; never been married with no children. She is well traveled and, is a certified scubba diver; wonderful school teacher,and just a beautiful spiritual person all around..great personality.My daughter doesn’t know I’m writing this & would not want me to do so, but I took a chance anyway.Would love to hear from you. God bless you. ~Loving Mom

  5. Mr. Christian Keyes,
    You are a very established and gifted actor. Black Wall Street New Dream Publishing is my publishing company that released the book, “My Call” a combination of the movies; The Ten Commandments, Scarface and New Jack City all rolled into one in modern times.
    The book has drama, action, sex, violence, suspense, thriller, horror, prayer, humor, heart breaking emotional events, die hard love, super natural forces at work, and special effects. We will be producing the movie and I feel you could play the character of Keith or Ron from the book very well. Please take the time to view the website http://www.myproviderproductions.com and the message board on the site to see the feedback the book is receiving. Anyone reading this, feel free to leave a comment. Thank you.

  6. i fell in love with a man like you but sadly he wss deaf to the call of my heart. do advise

  7. Hi Christian, it’s nice to meet you. I enjoy your movies very much.your acting is not overdoing it ,but still keeps me captivated. Partly because of your acting and also because your gorgeous to look at.my compliments to your creator. Sorry I’m not familiar with your music but I’ll try to find some CD’s.keep improving and hope to see you hold am Oscar soon. Greetings from a fan in SURINAME.

  8. Love love love you brother! You are an awesome find and we are ofthe same heritage!:I hope to see you in many many other feels in the future you are so freaking handsome!

  9. Hiya Christian,

    Great interview, just to say the eyes and being able to make a lady laugh are really important. I’m a bit late joining in on the comments but just found Christian per chance. Great talent and what a man, God has done a great thing here. Just goes to show that there are good black men out there. We need to hear and see more of you Christian in the UK. I want to hear about and watch more of my own so my kids can say Christian is then lead in the biggest block bust of the year.

  10. Hellow Christian? How are you doing ? Am one of u a favourite movie follower . keep it up brother u ” allget there

  11. Christian,
    What an amazing guy with real value for relationships! Note to self was amazing it moved every molecule in my body! I then followed to find a bit about you-it almost sound as if you are the actual real guy and not just acting! I read some real depth of character in you! Your interview in the chocolate voice gave me so much courage in knowing there are strong black man who loves their black women! That is strength bro!
    I was even hoping I could invite you to UK for my book launch-how do I get hold of you?

  12. I want to know can I buy the single I,m alright and if so where. I really lived it when I heard it.Thanks for being such and inspired actor. Love it.

  13. Christian,

    How are you – I hope blessed & highly favored! I recently took interest in your phenomenal ability after being drawn to the song “gonna love u”! Fabulous, I had to send this to my daughter as a reminder to her father of what a good man/father should be regardless of us not being together! I also watched the “perfect combination contestant winner date” and was captivated on how “down to earth” you came across – I just hope that you’re the same behind the cameras? That Christian Keyes really is the depiction we see on screen for God has a way of allowing us to become humble quick if we lose sight of his plan for our lives. Just remember not only to give back and share your talents with the world but to give God the glory he demands to him as he’s a jealous God : )
    All the best in your future endeavours!

  14. Mr Keyes, I would like to first compliment you on a comment you made on an interview when you stated your preference in a woman and that there was something about the amazingness about the black woman that God made (Chocolate). It is so refreshing to hear a black man, excuse me, an accomplished, God fearing, extremely handsome and gifted black man, pay due homage to the black woman. I also love the fact that you are a dedicated father. It is rare these days to see these types of qualities in our young black men and I really appreciate you putting that out into the universe. Keep up the great work. As long as you remain true to yourself and recognize your creator you will always have a fan in me. Hit me back if you can. Many blessings!

  15. Mr. Keyes you have been very, very, blessed and I have watched every movie and play that you have been in the one thing I love about you and have never met you, is that you stay humble, through all the lights, camera, and action. And I read where you just want a partner who stays true and real to herself, I am from the detroit area, KEEP GOD FIRST LIKE YOU HAVE BEEN AND HE WILL KEEP THE BLESSINGS COMING!!!!

  16. Hi Christian, There is not enough time in the day for all the great things I can say about you. You just make my day and enlighten my heart every time I watch your movie “The Note” and let’s not forget your awesome song/video “I’m Alright”. The Lord made a good one when he made you. You are a living doll and most of all genuine. I invite friends over to watch “The Note” and everyone loves it. I pray that God sends me a man just like you because he knows who I so rightfully deserve and most of all he knows my heart. You remind so of myself. A sweet, mannerable, loving, and kind hearted Christian. I hope to meet you one day.

  17. I love me some you the first time I saw you in the Tyler Perry play yes you are blessed and so dern handsome. I just hope you the best life ever and keep your head up no matter what. You are very loved and blessed. I hope one day I get the chance to meet you. Love always DM

  18. Hi Christian
    I hope you are well and having a blessed evening. I have never heard of you until recently, however, your talents, and the upbringing of your son as a single parent reminds me of me (lol) . Keep doing what you’re doing, and what I like is you always place God before any and everything!!

  19. Hi Christian
    First and foremost, you’re a great father to your son and that speaks a lot about the kind of person you are. My daughter didn’t have that kind of father in her life, I am her father and mother. I have enjoyed all of your shows, plays you’re not only handsome but your faith in God is truly awesome as God is the head of my life as well. Keep doing what you’re doing and God’s gotcha!!!

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