Giving it all you got in 2018

Hey, 2018,

We’re so ready to give it all we got. How about ya’ll?

As we usher in a new year every January, which some might argue is the Monday of months, here are a few ways to give it all you got in 2018.

  1. Give your body a break from unhealthy food habits.  Get off to a healthy start by eating to live versus living to eat. Many of us busy folk, eat out socially for business and pleasure. Thank goodness many dining establishments offer light options.  We need to get healthy folks.
  2. Don’t just give your money away. Don’t worry, it happens to the best of us.  Often times we find ourselves shopping aimlessly and before we don’t know where all the money went. That being said, get your financial house in order.  Having a budget helps you think before you spend. It gives you a basic idea of what is a reasonable amount to be spending on different things.”
  3. Take advantage of the apps and online tools, including budget calculators, that make budget and money management easier.
  4. Give it your all.  When you’re having lunch, dinner or conversation with loved ones or strangers, do yourself a favor and be present and in the moment by putting away or simply shutting off your smart phone.  Just think about it, what did we do in the past when we didn’t have technology?  Social media notifications popping up take away from the convo.  Just do it. It helps to sharpen our listening skills.
  5. Be kind to others and to yourself.  How many times have you told yourself, ‘I should invite her out to lunch,’ or I maybe I should send him a text to let him know how much I appreciate the work he’s doing in the community,’ but something comes up and you end up not doing it.  As for yourself, it’s  perfectly okay to treat yourself to something special- a message, a trip, a concert or anything that you enjoy. Don’t start worrying, it’s not being selfish, it’s being kind to yourself and to others by giving it all you got.

Now, this shouldn’t be a challenge for any of us. Let’s get 2018 started by giving it all we got.


Happy New Year!

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