Photo courtesy of Gwen Pierce A few months ago, while visiting friends, I was intrigued by the  number of outdoor plants being grown outside of

  By Deah Berry Mitchell Did you know there was a difference between a plant-based diet and a traditional vegan diet?  Veganism is a lifestyle devoted

Hey, 2018, We’re so ready to give it all we got. How about ya'll? As we usher in a new year every January, which some might

Hands down our favorite summer fruit is watermelon. Sources say that the sweet juicy fruit with enormous health benefits originated in South Africa, where

  Pictured: Wendy Shurelds (L) and Dr. Suzanne Afflalo   On  Saturday, July 30th approximately 80 people made up mostly of women, filled the Alpha Center located at

By Sheryl Mallory-Johnson Too often we girls sacrifice our desires, our passions, our purpose, and our voices. As nurturing beings, we are conditioned to believe that

Grilling for a cookout usually makes you think of big meals that aren’t very healthy, like ribs, sausages, hot dogs, and huge steaks. But

Spring is in the air!  Flowers are blooming, days are longer, and retailers are displaying bright, fresh, beautiful colors.  In the spirit of spring,

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