National Poetry Day: “Gun”

Since the 1300’s my co-conspirator the bullet and I have brought tears and pain to many generations.

Why was I created in life if you are going to destroy life with me in your hands? 

I am useless if I lay dormant like some emotions that will not surface unless summoned.

They tell me I am can be an equalizer if things don’t go my partner the owners’ way.

When you disagree with someone you call upon me to end their life without my permission.

Death and life is in the power of the tongue not the pulling of my trigger.

Privates and corporals have become Generals and Presidents because of their decisions to end life.

Since I have been used for contract killings where is my reward of payments?

I have awarded a Nobel Peace Prize recipient, a President of the U.S. and a U.S. Senator their right not to live.

Teenagers will bring me to Kindergarten, Elementary School and High Schools to end life; their act of non-disciplinary actions becomes a Capitol Hill controversy for adults.

Do I have the right to say no when you hold me? Why can’t I stay in my case when you get angry? Who told you I needed your company after hours? Where is my right to protest before you pulled my trigger? Who said I wanted company in my chambers? I did not ask for any clips to invade my privacy. You are a gun you don’t have any rights.

Written by Theodore Mosley

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