Note to America/GOP: Trump train is derailing – Time for an Intervention

By D.L. White

 It’s time for America to take a reality check, and examine itself from the inside out. Are you better off today, than almost four years ago when one Donald J. Trump became the 45th President of these United States?

Close examination  from the inside (politically speaking) will reveal  those casting votes for  Donald J. Trump, while idealistically hoping that the “alleged business acumen” would kick in and allow Trump to be the person he often brags on (himself).

Unfortunately it has not. The presidential pivot everyone was hoping (even praying for) has not happened and to the credit of some in the GOP they are beginning to speak truth to power in stating, “Mr. Trump is not demonstrating the needed acumen for the job.

If the first three years of Trump’s presidency was difficult to witness, the final several months leading up to the November election, has been more unbelievable.

Trump has criticized the Post Office and inserted one of his major donors to “slow the delivery of mail?”

Trump politicized the pandemic from the start. Stating publically that the pandemic was a Democratic hoax, nothing more than the Flu, and that it would:”just go away” when temperatures began to heat up?

Today, America has four-times the cases of COVID than any country and almost five-times the deaths (180,000) at press time.

Now Trump is claiming the rise in COVID was not his fault but that of Democratic Governors (those representing Blue states)? Really Mr. President? Really?

To further politicize the pandemic when Americans are dying (daily still), puts this tragedy in proper perspective.

Trump has attacked Antifa, a group founded in response to modern day fascism. For those who forget – WWII was fought as a result of Fascism. 

American fought on four fronts to quill the spread of fascism in Europe and around 

Trump has returned to the campaign trail holding rallies with very few individuals wearing mask and no social distancing.

Herman Cain, a GOP Presidential candidate at one time, attended Trump’s rally in Tulsa Oklahoma back in June, Cain was infected with the COVID-19 virus as he like many was not wearing a

An intervention seems appropriate; however, Trump would not sit for such a thing.

As former first Lady Michelle Obama shared during the virtual Democratic Convention earlier this summer. “The job of President is just too much for Donald Trump. Being president does not make you who you are, it reveals who you are. It is what it is!”

“Not only has the Trump train derailed, it was extremely dysfunctional from the outset,” stated Phoenix native Charles Franklin, a Phoenix College and ASU graduate who also studied for his MBA at the University of Minnesota.

Franklin shared what many have also thought over the past several months, “Trumps’ business success (in his own family business) was not enough to prepare him for the multi-faceted, challenging and demanding office of President of the United States.

Said Franklin, “He (Trump/#45) has not had to answer to anyone in his business. He writes the checks (or signs off). He is in charge, he has not had to be responsible to a board or anyone, he doesn’t appear to take No or the opinions of others too well.”

Members of Congress should consider amending the criteria to seek the highest office in the land to read as such, “Any person seeking the office of President of the United States, must have been elected to a state-wide office and ideally have served at least two-terms.

If these criteria had been in place #45 could not have sought the office of president of the United States. He as it is being shown daily would not have met the minimum requirements. 

Since, we have not moved to including such needed information on the criteria for President, the next most important avenue is for the living former Presidents of the US to have an intervention with one Donald J. Trump.

The former presidents: Carter, Bush, Clinton, Bush and Obama, could meet with Trump and provide instructions and advice. They could become his Senior Advisory, a much better choice than that of the recently departed (Trump choice) of Steve Bannon.

An intervention can take many forms but what is needed to put the Trump train back on the track is a positive psychological intervention (PPI), a theoretically-grounded and empirically-validated interaction designed to enhance wellness and wellbeing.

Focus of a PPI, and who better to provide positive intervention than former presidents (collectively) sharing a bit of their best?

The question of course, would the Donald (#45) sit long enough for such an endeavor to be beneficial? 

The President has a propensity of going off on anyone who disagrees or questions his judgments, a very immature act. He takes all credit for anything positive and will cast others under the bus when things go wrong, right Mitch?  (Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell) a Trump supporter was placed on the chopping block for not delivering on Trump Care.

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