Note to America/GOP: Trump train is derailing – Time for an Intervention

Part 2: Note to America….Trump Train is derailing. 

Trumps actions closely parallel that of a person with narcissistic personality.  He has difficulty with the truth, he often taunts how smart he is, and he constantly puts others down. 

Read the following and consider how much #45 behavior and actions parallel the statements:

Frequent Lies and Exaggerations: Narcissists are prone to frequent lies and exaggerations (about themselves and others), and have the tendency of lifting themselves up by putting others down. Narcissists often strive to make themselves seem superior and “special” by showing off, bragging, taking undeserved credit, and other forms of self-aggrandizement.

Rarely Admit Flaws. Highly Aggressive (Reactive) When Criticized (#45 all the way!): Many narcissists have thin skin, and can react poorly when called into account about their negative behavior. When challenged, the narcissist is likely to either Fight (temper tantrum, excuse-making, denial, blame, hypersensitivity, etc.) or Flight (bolt out the door, avoidance, silent treatment, sulking resentment, or other forms of passive-aggression). 

 False Image Projection: Domination is everything. When you have the power, you tell people what’s right and wrong!” Narcissists tend to project false, idealized images of themselves to the world, in order to hide their inner insecurities. Many narcissists like to impress others by making themselves look good. “I’m better than you!” or “Look at how special I am – I’m worthy of everyone’s love, admiration, and acceptance!”

In essence, narcissists want others to worship them. These external facades become pivotal parts of their false identities, replacing the real and insecure self.

 Rule Breaker and Boundary Violator: Many narcissists enjoy getting away with violating rules and stating rules are for everyone else. 

 Emotional Invalidation and Coercion: Narcissists enjoy spreading and arousing negative emotions in order to feel powerful, and keep you insecure and off-balance. 

Narcissists habitually invalidate others’ thoughts, feelings, and priorities, showing little remorse for causing people in their lives pain. They often blame their victims for having caused their own victimization (“you wouldn’t get yelled at if you weren’t so stupid!”)….classic Trump!

In addition, many narcissists have unpredictable mood swings and are prone to emotional drama — you never know what might displease them and set them off. They become upset at any signs of independence and self-affirmation (“who do you think you are!?”). They turn agitated if you disagree with their views, or fail to meet their expectations. As mentioned earlier, they are sensitive to criticism, but quick to judge others. By keeping you down and making you feel inferior, they boost their fragile ego, and feel more reassured about themselves.

 Manipulation: Use or Control Others as Extension of Self: Narcissists use and exploit individuals believing themselves to be smarter than everyone else in the room. The narcissist does so to compensate for a desperate sense of deficiencency.  these pathological types betray an inability and/or unwillingness to see themselves as they really are. 

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