Poem: Protect And Serve

Breonna Taylor (June 5, 1993-March 13, 2020)

Written by Theodore Mosley

The Black Community has a graveyard of sudden movements of threats that their commandments perceived viable. 

Don’t turn your back on me; I will unleash my clip to silence your disrespect. 

Our judgement will be of twelve; we judged you not worthy to live.

White privileges lifted me up above your days of living that you call Black Lives Matter!

We protect our white blue uniforms; we serve the Constitution of America; we live according to the manifestation of law and order.

We have a warrant for your arrest; death has called your name; we have prepared your chalk outline; 

My search warrant supersedes your life; Breonna Taylor your life is worthless; you shouldn’t have been home at rest; now we will lay you to rest!

We protect the innocent and serve the lawlessness; contrary to your lack of intelligence the law is the law; we made a mistake now live with it!

What insane asylum do you think we as Black People live in? A white man killed nine in church; you offered him his first supper!

A traffic citation for a Black Man or Black Woman erupts into a St. Valentine Day Massacre. 

Protect and serve for our community is a black dress followed by suffering followed by no justice followed by tears of pain in front of his or her casket that you ordained. 

Note: Peaceful protests erupted in cities across the nation after the Kentucky grand jury’s decision to not file any charges for the killing of Breonna Taylor and instead indict just one of the three officers involved for shooting into the her neighbor’s apartment.

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  1. Theodore we are not allowed to rest in this world of hate. She was at home but you forget… She was beautiful and black…a copper brown beauty on her lips, life in her eyes, and the contract of white hate came calling her name. Regardless if they had knocked with the lightest tap… Her priceless blood was due. Their coffer needed to be filled with what money can’t buy… Life.

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