Poetic Voice: Our Freedom

As the sands of time equipped us with fortitudes of rights we developed hearts of love.

No longer allowing the grave to be our mentor, our life became a monument of inspirations.

Engraving the unsolicited effects that bound our minds, our discourse reined with theaters of solutions.

You tried to silence our spirit with your salutations of speeches that were not worthy of swines.

Your birthright excluded our birthright, your humanity excluded our humanity; we discovered humanity. 

Founded on the broken flesh of our souls we demonstrated higher knowledge in your institutions.

Colonized with Sojourner Truth; walking in the spirit of Harriet Tubman, our declaration is independence.

We euthanized your mind with displays of congressional unity that subdued your life.  

Independent of your classification we supplanted history with generations of acknowledgements. 

The dimensions of our intelligence inflicted moral disdain in your eyes of unbelief. 

Our heritage of truth dethroned your bigotry of lies that captured your afflictions. 

With insurmountable directions of violence from your hands we achieved “Hidden Figures.”

Driven for generations to come our freedom of representation gave notice to your chains of democracy.  

Written by Theodore Mosley

February 16, 2017

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