Poetic Voices: Our Culture of Blackness

From the ages of Kings and Queens beyond time we were woven with kingship.

Tumultuous days of indifferences within the color of our skin we depicted life with domains of dignity.

In the turmoil of days our swag gave way to cultural diversity with intense words of articulations.

Instead of waiting on their graves for us we showed them universal craftsmanship of black pride.

Using our platform of Black Pride we swung the pendulum of life for their discoveries. 

With our knowledge we produced science for their minds; walking with the earth our hands excavated archeological discoveries; our anthropology of studies studied their mind. 

Our transformation of their desecration for us propelled our lives into their history without their permission.

The twisted collaborations of their affairs with hooded nights and lanterns gifted our souls for democracy.

In exchange for hooded nights they wear suits of distinction with hidden treasures of lies.

We hold fast to the realization of their encrypted smiles that deny our existence with handshakes of moral delusions. 

Brother to man, man to brother you could not excel; crowds of racial division and chants of white pride are your specialty. 

Our sisters are one; our brothers are one; we stand on our proclamation as one on the shoulders of our blackness. 

We as a culture stand in our blackness with black excellence; we as a black nation stand on freedom in our culture of blackness with your intimidation.

Written by Theodore Mosley  

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