Recipe for Drinking Responsibly: A Tall Glass of Patriotic Punch

Serving fun drinks  on the Fourth of July are always a hit.  Especially those that everyone can enjoy, including the kiddos.  There are many variations of this red, blue and  white or, clear  non alcoholic beverage.   The key is to use drinks with different amounts of sugar. Drinks with more sugar are more dense than those with less sugar, which allows the layers to “stack” on top of each other.

This particular  punch recipe, which is healthier has the following variation:

  • Red fruit punch or juice (i.e. cranberry juice)
  • Blue Gatorade
  • Diet 7Up, Sprite, or other clear soda

    Patriotic Punch
    Patriotic Punch

Please note: It is important to use a diet, sugar free soda so that least one of your layers has little or no sugar. Pour the beverage with the most sugar first (so that it’s on the bottom) and the beverage with the least sugar last (so that it’s on the top).

Pour equal amounts of all of the beverages to create a colorful, layered glass or pitcher.

If you choose to add ice. The best time to add the ice is after you’ve added the second layer and before you’ve added the third layer.

Enjoy, and Happy Fourth of July!

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