Roy T. Anderson: Award-winning Stuntman Documents Heritage

Photo courtesy of Action 4 Reel Flimworks
Roy T. Anderson.  Photo courtesy of Action 4 Reel Filmworks


When mainstream America think of places like the island of Jamaica, sadly, a few things first come to mind: (1) Reggae (2) Smoking Ganja (marijuana) and (3) Rum…most things associated with “partying.”

By the way, did you know that this year marks the eighth year in celebrating the month of June, as Caribbean American Heritage Month?

In recognition of Jamaica’s rich culture and powerful yet, rarely told stories, Hollywood-stuntman turned director Roy T. Anderson, steps behind the camera to direct his first project, “Akwantu: the Journey.”

The Indie film project was born out of Anderson’s frustration with not knowing enough about his own heritage.  When he would ask his mother, or interview elder family members about it, he found that information is passed down through the oral tradition and, in most cases that’s just not enough.

Out of curiosity Anderson, decided to take it a step further by researching his heritage through the Latter Day Saints genealogy records which led to the discovery that on his mother’s lineage, he’s the proud ancestry of the Maroon’s, Jamaica’s Freedom Fighters.

Photo courtesy of Action 4 Reel Flimworks
Horn blower who is a descendant of the Maroons.  Photo courtesy of Action 4 Reel Filmworks

The Maroon’s were enslaved Africans who fought for 80 years to win their freedom from the British Army.

In the film, Anderson shares the story of an enduring people who possess an indomitable spirit to die fighting rather than remain in bondage. The documentary explores Jamaica’s rich history, that include freedom fighters who fought for independence.

The 87-minute film was shot in  Canada, Ghana, Jamaica and, the United States over the course of three years.

“Add another year to include research,” says Anderson.

For Anderson, the most important part of the project is to educate and spread awareness about the wonderful things that the people of Jamaica were able to accomplish.

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About Roy:

Roy T. Anderson is an award-winning stuntman/stunt coordinator. For the past 25 years, Anderson has performed stunts for the Who’s Who of Hollywood, including  Will Smith, Denzel Washington and Jamie Foxx – just to name a few.

He has more than 400 production credits to his name with appearances in blockbuster hits, such as “The Dark Knight Rises,” “Spiderman 2,” “Bourne Ultimatum” and “American Gangster.” On television, he’s appeared in such top-rated TV shows as  “Law & Order,” “Sopranos, and “Person of Interest.”



4 thoughts on “Roy T. Anderson: Award-winning Stuntman Documents Heritage”

  1. Hello cousin I have yet to meet.
    I watched your film ‘Akwantu’ on Sunday courtesy of Dr Harcourt Fuller. Having been born in England I found it refreshing to know that there is a commonality amongst my ‘generation’ to find the truth & origins of our existence. I am a singer/songwriter/voice coach & budding entrepreneur. I have a great interest in geneaology DNA & RNA. I also am gifted with ‘visions’ of the past.
    I hope to maintain a communication with yourself & Harcourt in order to contribute to continuing the legacy. All we need do is find those little peices to patch together a king size quilt. Google me. Dont be a stranger xx

  2. I have been disconnected from my Jamaican heritage most of my 40 years of life. My Father is Jamaican. Fate had it where I and my Father have not had a consistent relationship for the greater part of my life.

    Recently, his African American wife passed away and this brought his sister (my auntie) to the US from Canada where she lives. To be concise she gave me a run down of my roots. Her and My Father’s Father was a Maroon from Jamaica and all of my Jamaican family are Maroons. I have a uncle who lives in Portland.

    This has explained a lot to me about my free spirit and my repeated rebellions against whatever I perceived to be an encroachment upon my freedom! I feel great at this new era in my life!

    I have been researching Maroon culture and history. It is my dream to go to Jamaica and reconnect physically with my Maroon family. I am working on it this year.

    I haven’t viewed Akwantu yet, I have only seen the trailer; I know it will be a marvelous documentary! Where can I view it or purchase it? I want to support your work!!

    I am thoroughly interesed in all things Maroon and if you have the time and don’t mind corresponding with me, I would feel honored to be apart of any dialogue or activiy that contributes to the recognition of and aggrandizement of such a great culture!!

    Peace, Power and Prosperity for you in all your endeavors,

    Roy Livermore

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