San Diego Mesa Art Gallery Presents: We are Women

We are Women: Jean Cornell Wheat and Elizabeth Salaam paired with “Beautiful, Brilliant & Brave: A Celebration of Black Women”

Painter, sculptor, multi-media artist, and a professor of art history, Ms. Jean, as she’s affectionately called, draws the viewer into her personal history as she captures the essence of life.  Born in Harlem, the sights and sounds unique to this cultural epicenter, provide a unique and timeless viewpoint.

As written on her website, Elizabeth Salaam, shares that growing up in Idaho, there was no one to identify with or reflect back her own image. I So instead she built that image through writing; it was a place to make sense of herself in the world. Writing allowed her to survive the major traumas of her life–addiction, sexual abuse, and self-destructive behaviors–and begin the healing process. At times, writing has been the only thing I had to saved her from self obliteration.

To check out the astonishing exhibits check out flyer below:

Reception: Thursday, March 21, 4 – 7 pm

Art Gallery FA-103

Musical performance by Mariea Antoinette.

Free and open to the public. 

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