The Gabby Douglas Story Premieres Saturday, February 1st On Lifetime

Imani Hakim, stars in “The Gabby Douglas Story”

Gabby Douglas stars along side Regina King in the new Lifetime movie based on her life, The Gabby Douglas Story.

The movie follows Gabby (played by Imani Hakim and Sydney Mikayla), who turned her struggles into gold as part of “The Fierce Five” at the 2012 London Olympics. The made-for-TV movie also focuses on her mother Natalie (King), who struggled to meet the enormous financial demands of a gymnastics career while bringing up Gabby and her three other children.

Film also stars S. Epatha Merkerson who plays Natalie’s Mom.

S. Epatha Merkerson (L) and Regina King
S. Epatha Merkerson (L) and Regina King

The Gabby Douglas Story premieres Saturday, February 1st @ 8PM ET/PT on Lifetime.



2 thoughts on “The Gabby Douglas Story Premieres Saturday, February 1st On Lifetime”

  1. This was a great story, I saw it the other day with the wife and daughter. It really shows how if you dream big, determined, work hard and believe in God, nothing can stop you!

    Thanks for the post!

    1. Loved how the film showed the single Mom’s unconditional love and support for her children. Her determination to support Gabrielle’s dream, at no matter what cost was commendable and, something we all can learn from.

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