Project 2025:  America, We Have a Problem! A Takeover of America Is Happening in Real Time….

By: DL White

The late jazz poet, singer, musician, and well-documented “spoken-word” artist Gilbert (Gil) Scott-Heron (1949–2011) recorded a chart-buster in 1970 entitled “The Revolution Will Not Be Televised.” This ageless classic was named to the National Sound Registry in 2005 and could become a real warning of the times in 2025.

While there were challenges in the 70s that made the hit a near prophecy, the current state of affairs in America confirms it. An ultra-conservative group has created a document entitled Mandate for Leadership: The Conservative Promise – Project 2025. Coupled with Donald Trump’s Agenda 47 (if elected for a second time), these can only be described as policies to replace the American Constitution, which has stood and governed these United States for over 250 years.

In the early stages of the United States (1776–1787), the founding fathers feared the invasion of foreign powers, thus the need for a militia to defend against sudden attacks. Conversely, high on the list were the rise of factions, excessive centralized power, and the potential for individual rights to be undermined. The threat of a disgruntled individual such as Benedict Arnold (war hero turned traitor) was real. One can draw close comparisons to Trump’s insurrection in 2021; both Arnold and Trump attempted to overthrow the American government.

To defend against “centralized power” (a dictatorship or a king), three separate and equal branches of government were created: Legislative, Executive, and Judicial. The Legislative and Executive branches are accountable to the people via elections, and the Judicial branch is accountable to the Constitution and the rule of law. Unfortunately, Trump’s influence on the Supreme Court has rendered the high court ineffective and untrustworthy in its rulings, which begs the question: “Is it time to call for limits on how long a Justice can serve or to expand the Court?”

The rule of law, the three branches of government, free elections, and Democracy are under attack from individuals who, if given the chance, would change the very fabric of American life. The late Maya Angelou, a renowned author, poet, actor, and activist, once shared in her infinite wisdom, “When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time!” Donald J. Trump has shown and repeatedly demonstrates who and what he is. Trump is a Republican in name only; he is not a true conservative. He is indignant and desperate for power and control. He would like nothing more than to be a dictator like Russia’s Vladimir Putin.

Trump was an early supporter of a proposed plan (Project 2025) to alter the US Constitution (actually dismantle it) and the principles upon which America was founded. Project 25: Mandate for Leadership: The Conservative Promise, by Paul Dans, with a foreword by Kevin Roberts, Ph.D., edited by Dans and Steven Groves, is a plan to reshape the US ( P25, the Presidential transition project, is the agenda for the Republican Party by the Heritage Foundation. The proposal calls for a complete overhaul of America, and not in the way of a Democracy.

The 920-page document outlines exactly what the next Trump presidency would look like, not only from a policy perspective but also a portrait of America that conservatives hope to implement in the next Republican administration, be it Trump or someone else, according to In layman’s terms, Project 25 is a bold call to dismantle the Constitution and the rule of law that has held America together through thick and thin for over 250 years. The project supports and seeks to infuse the government with elements of Christianity, doing away with the separation of church and state. P25 proposes criminalizing pornography and removing legal protections against discrimination based on sexual orientation and/or gender. The program would terminate all diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) programs as well as any attempts at affirmative action.

“2025 is their [authors of the initiative] long game that they have dedicated time, money, and resources to create. This is an intentional and deliberate attempt to take over the country as we know it,” shared Roy Tatem, former EV NAACP President, and currently the Political Engagement Chair for the AZ State Conference of the NAACP. “I just hope enough voters look this stuff up and give it a serious looking over,” noted Mike.

P25 authors write, “It is not enough for conservatives to win elections. If we are going to rescue the country from the grip of the radical Left, we need both a governing agenda and the right people.”

DL White, M.A., M.Ed, is a community servant/leader in the areas of education, journalistic research, community engagement, and youth and family advocacy. He is the author of Discovering The SAUNK In U, and the Sensational Letter S! He is based out of Phoenix, Arizona.

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